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Neuro® tools are precision instruments for professional stylists. Creative vision, powered by cutting-edge technology: that's intelligent styling.

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The Power of HeatCTRL®

A heat-activated, scientifically proven blend that helps protect against damage caused by styling, blow-drying and smoothing.

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  1. What to Look Forward to When You Visit Your Paul Mitchell Salon Next

    Overdue for a visit to your stylist? (We know our roots don’t lie.) If it’s been a while since you last visited your salon, you may be wondering what to expect when you settle back into your stylist’s chair again.

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  2. How To: Protect + Prime Your Hair For Heat Styling

    Don’t forget the most important step when heat styling your hair—the prep! Using heat protection products like thermal protection hairsprays and blowout primers will help protect your hair from the damage 

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  3. Flat Irons 101

    Not all hair irons are the same. Sometimes called flat irons, hair straighteners or styling irons, their

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