Neuro Grip Hair Dryer


Handle-free and ergonomic hair dryer allows for the ultimate comfort and control.

Comfort + Control

Create the perfect blowout with this lightweight, handle-free hair dryer. The compact and ergonomic design allows for the ultimate comfort and control for effortless styling.


Innovative Features

  • Powerful: 1875-watt professional motor for fast drying
  • Adjustable: Control heat and air flow separately
  • Personalized: 3 heat + 3 speed settings with a cool setting
  • Unique: Designed flat for easy storage
  • Travel-Friendly: Lightweight and compact; weighs only a pound.

Extras Included

  • Two-Year Warranty + Online Registration
  • Instructions and Safety Guide
  • Concentrator Nozzle: For directional airflow and controlled styling
  • Compact Collapsible Silicone Diffuser Attachment: Universally fits most dryers
How to Use
  • Prep with Neuro™ Lather HeatCTRL® Shampoo and Neuro™ Rinse HeatCTRL® Conditioner.
  • Apply either Neuro™ Prime HeatCTRL® Blowout Primer for a smooth and shiny blowout or Neuro™ Lift HeatCTRL® Volume Foam for major body and volume.
  • Section the hair into 4 equal parts.
  • Starting at the nape of the neck, use the Neuro® Round Brush (any size) to wrap a section of hair.
  • For added volume, begin section by pointing the nozzle upward at the roots and blow-drying for added lift.
  • Pull the brush through the section as you continue to blow-dry, pointing the nozzle downward onto hair to eliminate frizz and add shine.
  • As you pull the brush through the hair, follow it with the dryer to evenly distribute the heat for a fast dry. When you reach the end of the hair, either turn the brush inward or outward depending on the style.
  • Lock in style by pressing the cool shot button.
  • Continue through all sections until hair is completely dry and styled.

For Curly Hair

  • Attach the silicone collapsible diffuser.
  • Begin by drying the hair at a low heat and speed at the roots using circular motions, always moving in the same direction.
  • Finish by increasing the heat and gathering sections of hair into the diffuser for gentle drying and styling. For maximum volume, point the dryer at the roots.
  • To set the style, release a cool shot of air.
Warranty + Guides

Designed For Total Control

Neuro Grip feature model

Fast + Powerful Drying

Powered by a professional, durable motor for ultra-fast, shiny results.

Neuro Grip feature model

Compact + Handle-Free

Ergonomically-designed dryer weighs only a pound and is handle-less for easy, comfortable styling with maximum control.

Neuro Grip feature model

Personalized Styling

3 heat and 3 speed settings for styling your unique hair type and texture.

Discover What Each Setting Can Do For Your Hair

1 (Low)

For Greater Styling Control + Diffusing

2 (Medium)

Minimizes Frizz + Keeps Curl Pattern Intact

3 (High)

Ideal For Smoothing + Speeding Up Drying Time

Additional Features

Unique Flat Design

Sits upright for easy storage

Cool Setting

Delivers cool air to lock in shine and set your style

Concentrator Nozzle

To concentrate and direct airflow

Diffuser Attachment

For adding volume and defining curls

Removable Filter

For easy cleaning

"Best blow dryer out there!
Much easier on my wrists and arms."


"I absolutely love this dryer! It is so easy to handle and it does not kill my hair. My dry time has decreased by 75%."


"The level of heat allows a quick dry time, and it's surprisingly quiet! Easy to hold, less stress on the wrist compared to conventional hair dryers."


Create The Perfect
Voluminous Blowout

This lightweight, handle-free hair dryer has a compact and ergonomic design that allows for maximum comfort and control for effortless styling.

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