Two Style Icons,

One Epic Collab

Winnie Harlow x Paul Mitchell

Join Us As We Celebrate

the power of self-expression with influential top model Winnie Harlow. As an advocate for redefining what’s beautiful and as our first-ever Global Ambassador, Winnie will inspire you to discover your best self.






image of Winnie Harlow and stylist Cesar Deleon Ramirez

Express Yourself

With the help of her longtime stylist and Paul Mitchell® Brand Ambassador, Cesar DeLeon Ramirez, Winnie shows how changing your hair—from a power pixie to a crown of curls—can change your whole outlook.

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Winnie Harlow Platinum Pixie Winnie Harlow Platinum Pixie

Play it Cool with

a Platinum Pixie

Texture and volume at the crown + icy blonde color add some extra bold energy.

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The Platinum Pixie

Hair is the first thing you see…it makes you feel confident, sexy and powerful.”

- Winnie <3 <3
Paul Mitchell Blonde Products

Keep Your Cool

Stop blonde tones from turning brassy with Platinum Blonde Shampoo + Conditioner.

Get A Jump Start

Apply Quick Slip™ on damp hair to reduce drying time.

Paul Mitchell Quick Slip
Paul Mitchell Express Ion Dry and 427 Paddle Brush

The Blow-By-Blow

Blow-dry with an Express Ion Dry®+ while brushing hair flat + towards the face with a 427 Paddle Brush.

Cesar's Tip:

This adds movement in a pixie cut.

Handle The Heat

Prep hair for heat styling with Hot Off The Press®.

Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press
Paul Mitchell Express Ion Style

Smooth Things Over

Take small sections + straighten with an Express Ion Style®+.

Come Undone

Mist a little Spray Wax™ into your hand + tousle hair for piecey texture.

Paul Mitchell Spray Wax
Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops

The Grand Finale

Define pieces around your face with a bit of Gloss Drops®.

Channel your inner boss, ’cuz this look is a mood.

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Winnie Harlow Platinum Pixie
Winnie Harlow Shag Winnie Harlow Shag

Current Mood:

Retro Vibes +

Tons Of Attitude

Sexy and versatile, the Iconic Shag is a head-turner on just about anyone.

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Iconic Shag

I love changing things up. Different hair, different look, different vibe.”

- Winnie <3 <3
Paul Mitchell Color Protect Products

Wash Wisely

Prep with Color Protect® Shampoo + Conditioner.

Set The Stage

Apply Sculpting Foam™ to damp hair for silky, frizz-free strands.

Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam
Paul Mitchell Express Ion Dry+ and Express Ion Round Brush

Start with The Bangs

Blow-dry fringe first, then the rest using an Express Ion Dry®+ and Express Ion Round® Brush.


Help shield against heat damage with Hot Off The Press®.

Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press
Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Foam

Bend The Rules

Wind pieces of hair around an Express Ion Style®+ to add texture.

Cesar's Tip:

Slightly bend the ends to create more body.

Make it Last

Lock in the look with Super Clean Extra®.

Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press

Turn heads everywhere you go!

Winnie Harlow Iconic Shag
Winnie Harlow Sleek + Fierce Winnie Harlow Sleek + Fierce

Sleek + Fierce

Take your hair to the limit.

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Sleek + Fierce

Let’s give the people looks and come to serve.”

- Winnie <3 <3
Paul Mitchell Original Products

Wash Day

Prep hair with the moisturizing goodness and refreshing scent of Awapuhi Shampoo™ + The Conditioner™.

Glow Up

Apply Super Skinny® Serum as a blowout primer on damp hair to speed up dry time.

Cesar's Tip:

It’s my assistant on set to maintain that glass finish.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum as used by Cesar Deleon Ramirez and Winnie Harlow
Paul Mitchell Express Ion Dry+ and 427 Brush

Brush With Greatness

Create a deep center part. Blow-dry with an Express Ion Dry®+ + 427 Paddle Brush.

Protect Your Mane

Help shield against heat damage with Hot Off The Press®.

Paul Mitchell Heat Protection Products

So Smooth

Straighten small sections with the Express Ion Smooth®+.

Bring On The Bling

Use a tiny bit of Gloss Drops® on the ends for that perfect polish.

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Products
Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Foam

The Finishing Touch

Finish with Super Clean Spray® for long-lasting, touchable hold.

Toss that hair + slay all day!

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Winnie Harlow
Winnie Harlow Curl Confidence Winnie Harlow Curl Confidence

Need Some

Curl Confidence?

Be a style queen with a crown of glorious curls.

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Curl Confidence

Embrace your unique beauty every day.”

- Winnie <3 <3
Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Products

Wash Day

Prep with Extra-Body Shampoo + Conditioner.


Mist Extra-Body Boost at roots for next-level height.

Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Boost
Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Foam

Style + Twirl

Apply Extra-Body Sculpting Foam® + wrap curls around finger to define.

Blow Everyone Away

Paul Mitchell Express Ion with diffuser

Cesar's Tip:

Use a diffuser attachment and gently cradle hair while drying to keep the curl pattern intact.


Help shield against heat damage with Hot Off The Press®.

Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press

Curl Up

Use an Express Ion Unclipped .75” styling cone + wrap hair in small sections. Clip curls until cool + brush out for softness + bounce.

Finish with Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray®.

Now go claim your crown!

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