How To: Care for Color-Treated Hair

When we see guys and girls with technicolored hair at an event or even just walking down the street, our heads inherently turn to admire. The same is true when we see our co-worker, Jamie Anderbery-Stout, walking around the office. Jamie is a professional hair stylist and Director of Color Education for Paul Mitchell (aka she’s a hair color pro) and she regularly sports a rainbow of bright hues on her locks. Curious about how she maintains her hair’s health and color, we asked her to share her expertise on maintaining brightly colored hair. Here are her foolproof tips:


"An important first step when coloring your hair a bright hue is to talk to your colorist about the journey of your color. If you’re going to dye your hair emerald green, make a plan for transitioning to your next color by planning in advance. Keep you hair’s health intact by subtly transitioning to a mermaid turquoise or sweet pastel mint as you move back to a natural hue."


"Using products that help prolong your color and hydrate your hair is imperative. I use the Ultimate Color Repair® 3-part system and recommend it to all of my color clients, whether their hair is blonde, black or blue! Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue® is one of the best products for locking in color and keeping hair healthy."


"If you have coarse hair, shampoo your hair every 3-5 days and use Dry Wash® in between washes to keep your style fresh and full of volume. If you have fine hair, wash your hair more often but be sure to invest in a color care shampoo and conditioner like Ultimate Color Repair. And always use cool water to rinse your hair to reduce color fade."


  • Use UV protection on your tresses! Jamie’s recommendations: Wear a hat when in the sun and always use Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue when styling your hairâ•Œand be sure to shake it well to get all of the product’s goodness and UV protection!
  • Turn your styling tools down to a lower setting to prevent color fade.
  • Use Dry Wash to prolong your style in between washes.
  • Create texture with stylers like Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Texturizing Sea Spray® and easy styling options like braids, overnight curls, etc.

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Feeling inspired to color your tresses? Visit your local Paul Mitchell salon or school and talk to a colorist about the vibrant hue that is right for you. There are plenty of options!

  • Ready to experiment, but not ready to commit? Have your colorist color a clip-in extension for you to test drive.
  • Ready to try something a bit more permanent? Ask your colorist to create panels of color in your hair or an ombre of fashion tones.
  • Ready to fully commit? Visit your stylist and dive in!    

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