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How to Select the Best Hair Color for You

How to Select the Best Hair Color for You

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems® on Jan 4th 2018

Many tubes of Paul Mitchell professional hair color

For 20 years, Paul Mitchell® has been providing outstanding professional hair color products to refresh or tone color, cover gray or enhance shine. When going blonde or brunette, or adding balayage or babylights, it’s important to know the color services your salon may offer. Always check with your stylists to see what is best for your hair type and needs:

Service Type Permanent

  • Up to 100% gray coverage
  • Long-lasting red colors
  • Natural color change

Try: the color or the color XG®

Service Type Demi

  • First-time color users
  • Products provide great shine and gray blending to mask gray hair
  • Offer color deposit that lasts from 4-6 weeks
  • Formulated without ammonia

Try: PM SHINES® or The Demi

Service Type Semi

  • Deposit-only color with more temporary color options
  • Typically deliver brighter fashion tones
  • Lasts approximately 6-8 shampoos

Try: POP XG®

For maintaining and protecting your gorgeous new hue at home, try our color care products . And to keep hair color looking fresh in-between salon visits, be sure to ask your colorist about Color Craft™, a customizable conditioning treatment.

Make an appointment with your colorist to achieve the richest brunette, the most vibrant red or coolest blonde. Discover professional hair color services at your local Paul Mitchell® Salon !

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