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How To: Use a Matte Styling Product

How To: Use a Matte Styling Product

Posted by Lucas Doney on Nov 8th 2015

This is a guest post from Paul Mitchell® pro stylist and National Educator Lucas Doney.

Plenty of men admit that styling their own hair is a challenge. Thankfully, the MITCH line is stocked with a full line-up of high-performance grooming products that make looking handsome and achieving great style easy. This fall we’re digging matte finishes for the gents, and MITCH Matterial™--the newest product from the line╌offers exactly that plus a load of other great features, like making fine hair look and feel thicker. If you’re looking for a new style this season, use these tips for styling with Matterial.  

Start with clean, towel dried or blow-dried hair. Keep in mind, the end style will last longer if hair is blow dried before applying product.  

Matterial 1

Apply a small amount of MITCH Matterial to the hands and emulsify the product by rubbing your hair together vigorously. The key is to thoroughly work the product into your hands before applying to your hair.  

Matterial 2

Matterial 3

Begin the application with a shoe shine technique╌swiping the product onto the hair from side to side, using one hand at a time. This will ensure that the product is evenly distributed and keep your hair from separating too much from the scalp. As a stylist, I’ve learned most guys don't love seeing a lot of their scalp.  

Matterial 4

With stubborn hairlines and growth patterns, use the palm of the hand to smear the hair in the direction desired.  

Matterial 5

Detail the hair as desired to create the finished look.  

Matterial 6

This no-shine look is perfect for any guy who needs a simple yet polished everyday style.   Pick up Matterial™ at your local Paul Mitchell School or salon.  

Lucas Doney is a Paul Mitchell National Educator and professional stylist at A Robert Cromeans Salon in San Diego.  

Lucas Doney

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