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Liquid Concentrate + Color Craft

Liquid Concentrate + Color Craft

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Jun 7th 2017

The pep in your step that comes from a salon visit doesn’t have to end, thanks to Color Craft. These eight shades extend the life and vibrancy of your professional hair color.

Why Stylists Will Love Color Craft

Thanks to this system, stylists at your local Paul Mitchell® salon or school can create any number of unique formulas that will suit you perfectly! This treatment also works on any hair type, so it’s ideal for all of their guests.

Paul -mitchell -all -channels -Color _Craft _Artistic _02-may -june -2017

Why Guests (You!) Will Love Color Craft

It’s take-home color that doesn’t come from a box! This is color that comes at the professional recommendation of your trusted stylist.

You can enhance your color after any color service, be it permanent, demi- or semi-permanent. Color Craft will help to balance both warm and cool tones.

Paul -mitchell -all -channels -Color _Craft _Artistic _04-may -june -2017

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