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Silver Belles: Embrace the Gray

Silver Belles: Embrace the Gray

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Nov 17th 2016

Today’s forecast? Gray days ahead! Women of all ages are embracing the trend of stylish silver locks, whether they became that way naturally or dyed their hair to get the look. Find out how to embrace all the nifty shades of gray!

Paul -Mitchell -the -Demi -model

Silver Fox Status

Already gorgeously gray? Instead of covering up your roots, discuss with your colorist about working those tones into your new style.Hair color formulas that offer a full spectrum of opaque shades will blend with incredible coverage and brilliant vibrancy.

On Your Way to Gray

For the best results, start with a consultation with your colorist. Getting you to a tinsel tone requires that your hair is first bleached until it’s white. Then your colorist will add tones of gray, blue or violet, depending on the look you’re hoping to create.

Diminish Dullness, Banish the Brass

Purple-tinted shampoo brings out the best in blonde, white and silver hair.

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