The Frizzy Hair Humidity Conundrum: How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

If you’re wondering how to tame frizzy hair, you’re certainly not alone! All hair types and textures are susceptible to the dreaded frizz, and there are many reasons why it occurs besides just humidity. Fortunately, there are effective frizzy hair solutions available.

Understanding why frizzy hair happens and then adding frizz-fighting hair products and tools to your hair care routine is the key to nipping frizz in the bud for good. Read on for expert tips on how to make that frustrating, frizzy hair a distant memory.


1. Shampoo Less & Condition More

Dry hair and frizzy hair go hand-in-hand. So, as you learn how to get rid of frizzy hair, you’ll also want to seek ways to hydrate and moisturize it. One simple step is to stop shampooing every day. While there’s no denying the importance of clean hair, excessive shampooing actually strips hair of its natural oils, often leading to dry, frizz-prone hair.

Start by shampooing every other day, or even just once or twice a week. When you do shampoo, use a high-quality shampoo that’s formulated specifically to combat dehydration.

Our Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo is perfect for nourishing and reinvigorating coarse, dry hair. Our Awapuhi Shampoo is another great choice that’s ideal for all hair types, but especially fine and static-prone hair.

On your quest to discover how to get rid of frizzy hair, you’ll want to find a conditioner that’s also formulated to moisturize and hydrate. That way your hair is getting the nourishment it needs even on the days you don’t shampoo.

Here’s how to tame frizzy hair: Try our Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner! The ultra-rich formula quenches, moisturizes, and softens, and it’s also a fantastic option for anyone trying to tackle split ends.


2. Use Frizz-Fighting Treatments

Upgrading your shampoo, conditioner and your hair care routine is a great starting point, but sometimes that’s not enough to stop frizz in its tracks. If you’re still asking yourself how to get rid of frizzy hair, it’s time to start using powerful frizzy hair solutions and treatments.

The Conditioner is a versatile leave-in conditioner that balances moisture and improves texture. It’s one of the first Paul Mitchell® products, and it remains a beloved classic today!

Our Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer Leave-In Conditioner is a moisturizer for your hair and your skin. You’ll love the famous Tingle Complex—tea tree, peppermint, and lavender. Besides providing a tranquil aromatherapy experience, it leaves a lovely cooling sensation on your scalp while it rejuvenates, hydrates, and quenches your thirsty locks.

Whether you’re researching how to get rid of frizzy hair or how to enjoy a luxurious, spa-like experience at home, our Lavender Mint Deep Conditioning Mineral Hair Mask is sure to please! It’s made with natural French clay that’s packed with restorative minerals that hydrates, strengthens, and nourishes.

Hair oil is often the first pick among people wondering how to tame frizzy hair, but not all oils are equal. Tame your mane with our Styling Treatment Oil. It’s soft, light, and silky and contains awapuhi extract that’s sustainably harvested from our farm in Hawaii. Besides smoothing frizz, this dry-touch oil seals strands and leaves behind a lovely, natural shine.

3. Don’t Leave Home Without Hydrating Spray

A hydrating spray is a must-own product for anyone wondering how to get rid of frizzy hair, especially when you’re on the go. After all, frizz can happen anywhere!

Our Awapuhi Moisture Mist spray is formulated with Hawaiian awapuhi extract and lactic acid that provides deep moisturization and a beautiful shine. If tangles and static accompany your frizz, you might want to give our Taming Spray a try. It's technically for kids, but plenty of adults absolutely adore it!


4. Update Your Styling Products

It happens all the time—people seeking frizzy hair solutions end up using harsh sprays and gels to tame frizzy hair, only to find that they’re making the problem worse.

If you’re trying to figure out how to get rid of frizzy hair, using higher quality styling products may be the right move. Many low-grade products contain chemicals that dehydrate and damage hair. The goal is to learn how to tame frizzy hair without damaging your hair in the process.

If you’re going for a shiny, wet look, substitute your old hair spray for our Freeze and Shine Super Spray. Or, if you’re looking for something that leaves a soft, natural look and feel, use our Soft Spray.

Our Foaming Pommade is the secret weapon for many frizz fighters out there. It provides a gentle hold and makes your hair shine while smoothing, softening, and conditioning. Our Sculpting Foam is another outstanding option that balances moisture, improves texture, and controls frizz, flyaways, and static.


5. Upgrade Your Hair Tools

Wondering how to get rid of frizzy hair caused by blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and other hair necessities? Sometimes it’s as simple as using better tools. Many people who struggle with hair problems are still relying on tools that are decades old, not realizing that the technology has evolved significantly.

Our Neuro Light Tourmaline Hair Dryer is a high-performance dryer that dries the hair from the inside out gently and quickly to keep frizz at bay.

Our Express Ion Smooth+ Ceramic Flat Iron features ceramic plates engineered with super-charged negative ions for incredible static frizz control.

Our Express Gold Curl Titanium Curling Iron features a tong that can be used to smooth the cuticle surface, resulting in gorgeous curls that are controlled and frizz-free.

Shop Effective Frizz Control Products

Now that you know how to get rid of frizzy hair, shop frizz control products at Paul Mitchell®. We provide you with affordable luxury solutions that work. Learning how to tame frizzy hair may take some trial and error, but using high-quality products is the first and most important step. Take back control of your hair today!

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