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Your Mane Deserves These Hair Brushes

Your Mane Deserves These Hair Brushes

Posted by Paul Mitchell Team on Jul 25th 2016

When was the last time you bought a hair brush? You need one in your life but not just any brush will do. For your softest, shiniest hair, it’s time for an upgrade! And the best results come from quality, well-crafted bristles that gently and effectively smooth and detangle. Our brand-new line of MarulaOil brushes feature the performance you need and the aesthetic you crave. Just like your favorite MarulaOil products and stylers, these brushes are every bit as luxurious╌and are one of the best beauty investments you’ll make.

Detangling Hair Brush

Whether your hair is wet, dry or downright unruly, this is the tool that will set things right. This brush detangles gently and easily, and eliminates knots while gliding through the hair, making tugging or breaking a thing of the past. Like the Classic Dressing Brush, it’s feather-light and comes in a lovely, bright white beechwood. Great for all hair lengths.

Classic Wooden Dressing Brush

Perfect for smoothing and detangling, a dressing brush is a must-have in every collection. This multi-tasker features dual-level bristles for optimal tension, and adds both shine and luster with every downward stroke. Crafted from beechwood, the Classic Dressing Brush is lightweight, ideal for medium- to long-length hair and comes in a glossy white that positively pops against the brush’s black cushion. And with the vegan, boar-like bristles, you can live beautifully and cruelty-free.  

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Ready to indulge your locks? Learn more about the MarulaOil Brush collection here.

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