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Premium Hot Roller System

What it does
Creates perfect curls, waves and volume.

How it works

  • SmartSense microchip ensures rollers stay hot while styling
  • Rapid 8-second heat up time
  • Customizable temperature settings: fine, medium, coarse and max
  • Flocked rollers provide grip, tame frizz and smooth curls
  • One-hour shut-off safety feature
  • Includes six 1" rollers and clips

Added bonus
Color-changing indicator light shows when rollers are hot.

  1. Comb hair so it is tangle-free, and split hair into three parts: right, left and middle.

  2. Take a section of hair, about the width of the roller, and place the roller behind it.

  3. Twist the ends around the roller and roll it from the top down toward your head.

  4. Secure the clip to hold the roller in place.

  5. Repeat throughout the head, working section by section.

  6. Once the hot rollers have completely cooled, remove the clip and carefully unwind the lock of hair to remove the roller.

  7. Choose your favorite Paul Mitchell® Pro Tools™ brush for the perfect finish:

    • 413 Sculpting Brush for full, bouncy curls
    • Teasing Brush for a soft, Hollywood glam look
    • Detangler Comb for a free, tousled look