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Clean Beauty Color Depositing Treatment


Color Depositing Treatments, plus a clear Shine Enhancing Treatment, enhance vibrancy in between salon visits.

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Ideal for refreshing and protecting color

Give your color a boost between salon visits with our collection of Color Depositing Treatments infused with pomegranate extract and borage oil to protect and nourish every strand. With five radiant shades: Cayenne, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cocoa and Truffle; four additional shades inspired by jewel tones: Rose Quartz, Jade, Amethyst and Sapphire plus a clear Shine Enhancing Treatment Gloss, there's an option for every hair color.

Crafted with ingredients of 97% natural origin* that deliver professional results in 95% post-consumer recycled aluminum packaging**.

*Based on ISO 16128. ** Excluding caps/closures/pumps. Check your local requirements for recycling guidelines.

Color Safe


Sulfate Free*

Paraben Free

Made Without Gluten

*Without SLS, SLES, ALS


Hair Type

Good for Color-Treated Hair.


A fruit-forward scent with delicate floral notes and vanilla undertones.

How to Use

Apply to clean, damp hair. Leave on 4-10 minutes, depending on desired results. Rinse well with tepid water. Wash hands immediately after use; product may cause staining. For best results, use with Clean Beauty Color Protect Conditioner + Clean Beauty Color Protect Leave-In Treatment.

Ingredients + Safety Data Sheets

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Cayenne: Basic Red 76, Basic Yellow 57, Basic Brown 17
Cinnamon: HC Yellow No. 2, Basic Blue 99, Basic Red 76, Basic Brown 16, Basic Brown 17
Cocoa: Basic Yellow 57, Basic Red 76, Basic Blue 99, Basic Brown 16
Truffle: Basic Brown 16, Basic Blue 99, Basic Yellow 57, Basic Brown 17
Vanilla: Basic Yellow 57, Basic Brown 17, Basic Red 76, Basic Blue 99, Basic Brown 16

The ingredients listed on this website are for US consumers.
Ingredients are subject to change. Should you have any concerns, please review the ingredients listed on the purchased product before use. Questions: Please contact customer service at through our Contact Us form.

  • Download the Color Depositing Treatment Safety Data Sheet.
  • Download the Shine Enhancing Treatment Safety Data Sheet.
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image of a pomegranates and borage oil

What's Inside

macro image of pomegranate bunch

Pomegranate Extract
Rich in vitamins and antioxidants known to help protect hair from environmental exposure and free radical damage, helping to keep color fresh longer.

macro image of borage flower bunch

Borage Oil
Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids to help nourish and replenish dry, dull and brittle hair, helping to restore vibrancy and shine.

Color Depositing Treatment Shade Guide

image of a Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Shine Enhancing Treatment tube image of a Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Vanilla Color Depositing Treatment tube image of a Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Cocoa Color Depositing Treatment tube image of a Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Cayenne Color Depositing Treatment tube image of a Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Cinnamon Color Depositing Treatment tube image of a Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Truffle Color Depositing Treatment tube
Starting Color Gloss Vanilla Cocoa Cayenne Cinnamon Truffle
Light Blonde
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
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Stylist Tips

  • Wear gloves + start with clean, freshly shampooed hair.
  • Towel-dry hair 80% (pigments won't bind to your hair if it's really wet).
  • Apply liberally, making sure every strand is saturated.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb such as the Detangler Comb to help evenly distribute.
  • The longer you leave the treatment in your hair, the more deposit you'll get.
  • Rinse well with tepid water.
  • Apply to baby hairs around the hairline last if you are using a really pigmented shade since they are more porous + absorb more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do Clean Beauty Color Protect products help protect color-treated hair?

The products are infused with antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract, known to help prevent color fade from environmental exposure and free radical damage.

What is the difference between color protection and color safe?

The new Color Protect formulas are color safe and formulated with ingredients that provide UVA and UVB protection to help preserve color. All Clean Beauty formulas are color safe, which means they have been tested for safe use on color-treated hair.

What are key considerations when selecting a shade of Color Depositing Treatment?

We recommend the shade that's closest to your color-treated hair for a refresh between professional color services. If the hair is highlighted or porous, a strand test is recommended.

How should I apply Color Depositing Treatment?

  • Wear protective gloves.
  • Apply to clean, damp hair. For longer lengths, sectioning is recommended.
  • Completely saturate the hair and use a detangling comb.
  • Clip hair up to prevent skin staining.
  • Leave on for 4-10 minutes to refresh color. For maximum deposit and vibrancy, leave on for 10 minutes.

Do I need to use a conditioner before applying Color Depositing Treatment?

Conditioner is not required. If detangling is needed, Clean Beauty Color Protect Conditioner can be applied to hair and rinsed before applying Color Depositing Treatment on damp hair.

Can I use Color Depositing Treatment with their other Clean Beauty favorites?

Yes. Clean Beauty Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner are the ideal choice, but all Clean Beauty products are color safe and can be used with Color Depositing Treatment.

How often should I use Color Depositing Treatment?

Less is best! Based on frequency of shampooing, recommend using Color Depositing Treatment weekly or monthly, depending on how much color deposit they want to achieve. Regular use will gradually increase color results.

How long can I expect the color deposit to remain in their hair?

It depends on the overall condition, porosity, frequency of shampooing, environmental exposure and/or hot tool use. This product is not recommended as a stand-alone coloring product or for use on overly lightened or highly porous hair. Do not apply it to dry hair.

Will Color Depositing Treatment stain hands, clothes or skin?

Yes, it may cause staining. We recommend wearing gloves, careful application, using dark towels and immediately cleaning surfaces.

If color over-deposits, how can I speed up fading?

Normal shampooing will fade the color deposit over time. Paul Mitchell® Shampoo Two® can be used to help reduce over-deposit.

With the Highest Standards and a Long Free From List

Our Clean Promise

We select ingredients that are cruelty-free and environmentally conscious. We promise to deliver powerful performance, uncompromising quality and maximum efficacy.

*Formulated with conventional and/or organic botanicals. †Bio-based packaging made from 90% sugarcane. Excludes select caps/closures. ‡Excluding closures (caps, sprayers, pumps). Check your local requirements. **Manufacturing of the formulas only. ††Made without SLS, SLES, ALS

Cultivating Clean Beauty

Our formulas are made with organic botanicals* grown on a biodynamic farm in Italy. This holistic approach to agriculture respects farmland as an integrated, living organism and helps protect our planet.

illustration of the moon phases

Crops are planted and harvested following the lunar cycle to retain their full level of moisture and nutrients.

illustration of a farm

Plants and animals work together on the farm in a self-supporting cycle, creating a natural ecosystem that reduces environmental impact.

illustration of a carrot growing in soil

Void of harsh chemical pesticides or fertilizers, the biodynamic farm uses nutrient-rich herbs and mineral composts to stimulate growth.

illustration of the farming process that results in Clean Beauty products

The farm yields clean, powerful ingredients with high levels of nutrients and active compounds.

image of a pomegranates and borage oil

Consicous Hair Care

Bio-Based Packaging Lifecycle

Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty features innovative, recyclable* bio-based packaging that is 90% derived from responsibly farmed Brazilian sugarcane.**

*Excludes pumps/caps/closures. Check your local requirements. **Excludes pumps/caps/closures. Also excludes Color Depositing Treatment tubes, which are made from 95% post-consumer recycled aluminum.

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Love Your Color

Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty Color Protect is the ultimate TLC for color-treated hair. Infused with beneficial botanicals, these gentle formulas cleanse and condition strands as they protect hair color for beautiful, vibrant results.

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