Discover The Many Benefits Of Aromatherapy-Inspired Shampoo

Aromatherapy continues to surge in popularity for good reason, it works! While fragrance diffusers and scented candles can be a lovely option, our favorite way to take in a scent is with an aromatic shampoo. Read on to find out how indulging your sense of smell can benefit your mood and your hair.


Put some pep in your step. That’s exactly what peppermint has been proven to do. A study indicated that subjects that were exposed to whiffs of peppermint-scented air had enhanced alertness, focus and concentration. Peppermint also has antiseptic properties that make it ideal for deep cleaning hair and it’s been known to stimulate the scalp. Find it in Tea Tree Special Shampoo.


There’s a reason why the scent of lavender is associated with stress relief and sleep enhancement. A study suggested that linalool, a terpene alcohol found in lavender extract, can help relieve anxiety. It’s also known for its deep conditioning properties, making it great for hydrating dry hair and taming unruly curls. Find it in Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo.


A defective car or spell of bad luck are often associated with lemons, but science shows that the fresh scent the fruit emits can actually make us feel happier. A Japanese study showed that smelling citrus for 10 minutes helped to boost participants’ moods for up to 30 minutes. Lemon is also widely used in cleaning products and that same clarifying effect can help remove product build-up and oils that can weigh fine hair down, giving it a boost of volume. Find it in Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo.

Sit back, relax and soak up a satisfying sensory Tea Tree Wash House Experience at a salon near you..

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