Celebrating Earth Month: 5 Ways We’re Planning For A Greener Planet + How You Can Help

Making a green impact has always been a priority for us. Since our company's founding in 1980, we've been cruelty-free and implemented green ideas like establishing a solar-powered farm in Hawaii to grow awapuhi for our products. From transitioning to PCR (post-consumer recycled) packaging to making more of our products vegan, we continue to find ways to make our operations cleaner and greener. This month, we’re giving love back to the earth by highlighting some of our plans for a greener planet and how you can make an impact, too.


From reducing our use of virgin plastic to ethical sourcing and so much more, we're committed to protecting the world around us today and for generations to come. Here's a look at some of the milestones we’ve met so far and the impact they have on our planet.

Download our 2022 Sustainability Impact Report now.


While a significant portion of trash can be recycled or composted, only about 13% is responsibly discarded. The rest ends up in landfills and can negatively impact the health of our planet. Learn about the steps we’re taking to minimize this waste and how you can help. Together we can make an impact.

Download our recycling guide today.


We're celebrating the near completion of our goal to plant one million trees by the end of the year. Alongside, Reforest'Action, we're helping to combat deforestation and bring the incredible power of trees to areas that need it most.

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Feel good about what you put on your hair with award-winning, results-driven products made with clean ingredients.

Our innovative packaging is 90% derived from responsibly farmed Brazilian sugarcane and is 100% recyclable* at home.

Everything is manufactured using 100% certified clean energy** from renewable sources produced by hydroelectric power plants, which helps reduce pollution and greenhouse gases.


We're proud to participate in clean-up events with various charities across the globe. Look for us at the beach or in your local town.

Stay posted.


And that's not all…read more about our ongoing commitment to sustainability here.

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